提前入学计划(EEP)是一个同步招生计划,为高度积极的高中高年级学生和部分三年级学生提供esball官方网的大学学分. 寻求学术挑战并保持较强学术平均成绩的学生可能有资格参加EEP, contingent upon the recommendations of teachers and 学校辅导员.

Facilitating both a Rigorous and Supportive High School Experience

罗德岛大学早期招生计划的使命是为合格的高中学生提供挑战和机会,以负担得起的价格获得可转换的大学学分. EEP的工作人员与高中和大学教师合作,在他们自己的支持性高中环境中为学生提供严格的高等教育体验. EEP致力于维持由全国同步招生合作伙伴联盟建立的卓越标准,我们是该联盟的创始成员.​


Concurrent enrollment means the student earns both high school credit and college credit for certain designated 课程 at their respective high schools. 从1980年开始,esball官方网的EEP已经为数千名学生颁发了大学学分. 在RI和附近的MA有近50所高中每年为3000多名学生提供EEP课程.


    提前入学计划设在 福尔曼中心 204,可通过电话联系 eep@high5r.com or 401-456-8857.

    • Attleboro (MA)
    • 巴林顿
    • 主教Hendricken
    • 黑石学院特许学校
    • Burrillville
    • 中央
    • 中央瀑布
    • Chariho
    • 经典
    • 考文垂
    • 克兰斯顿地区 & 技术中心
    • 克兰斯顿东部
    • 克兰斯顿西
    • 坎伯兰
    • (e³)
    • 东格林威治
    • 东普罗维登斯
    • Exeter-West格林威治
    • 福克斯(MA)
    • Hope
    • 约翰斯顿
    • 拉萨尔学院
    • 林肯
    • 梅德韦(MA)
    • 米德尔顿
    • 希望山
    • 愉快的山
    • 纳拉甘塞特人
    • 新贝德福德(马萨诸塞州)
    • 北阿特尔伯勒(马萨诸塞州)
    • 北金斯敦
    • 北普罗维登斯
    • 北史密斯菲尔德
    • Pilgrim
    • Ponaganset
    • 朴茨茅斯
    • Rogers
    • 圣玛丽学院/湾景
    • 圣拉斐尔学院
    • Scituate
    • 背面(MA)
    • Shea
    • 史密斯菲尔德
    • 南金斯敦
    • 格林学校
    • 蒂弗顿
    • 收费站
    • Tolman
    • 西沃里克
    • 文索基特

    If you are planning to take an EEP course and have never taken one (or any course at RIC), 你需要 创建用户帐户.  如果你过去参加过EEP课程, you don't need to create an account – you are already in the system. 

    Once you create your account, you will be sent your RIC Student ID number. It is very important that you keep that ID number (we suggest keeping it on your phone)!




    任何课程变更或EEP讲师长期缺勤(超过两周)(包括病假),必须立即通知OSC和EEP办公室, 产假, 军事责任, 延长陪审义务, resignation or any other unforeseen or necessary absence).  EEP办公室还必须被告知高中的计划,以支付有关的EEP课程.

    如果没有通知EEP办公室和/或代课教师不是经批准的EEP讲师, the course(s) will not continue to run for EEP credit.  The high school principal, OSC and RIC Faculty Liaison will be notified by the EEP Office.  The OSC should arrange to immediately inform the students in any affected class. The EEP will refer any student and parent/guardian concerns to the high school.


    The process for teacher acceptance begins with the EEP Office. Interested teachers must have a minimum of three years of teaching experience and an earned master's degree in the subject area of the EEP course. Some departments have specialized or alternative requirements (i.e.,适当的商业经验,特定的硕士学位15个研究生学分在该领域等.): 特殊或替代需求

    在所有情况下, 高中教师必须达到学院和学术部门制定的教育标准. Teachers should review the list of 课程 offered through the EEP in the section entitled 下次的课程 Available. 提供一门不在名单上的课程, teachers must first contact the EEP office before submitting any materials.

    强烈建议教师在4月1日前将所有证书提交给EEP办公室,以便EEP工作人员有时间审查,然后由指定的学院联络人进行评估.  The final deadline for receipt of all credentials is May 1 for consideration for fall.  Materials listed below should be sent electronically to the EEP Office to f.high5r.com/eep  for more efficient processing and review. If transcripts cannot be scanned and emailed, they may be mailed. 

    • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts which may be unofficial copies (RIC transcripts will be obtained for you)
    • Résumé
    • Proposed course 教学大纲: Sample syllabi are available upon request from the EEP Office. Some departments may require the same 教学大纲 used on campus.  Syllabi may not refer to AP or Honors even if the EEP class is combined with one of these in your high school.

    注意:如果现场协调员因退休而需要申请例外期限,可以联系EEP办公室, 更换教员, etc.


    一旦收到所有材料, the EEP Office will send the file to the appropriate faculty liaison for review. The RIC faculty liaison will review teacher credentials (résumé and transcripts) to ensure that the teacher meets specific department requirements for designations as an EEP Instructor and is someone who could be eligible to serve as an adjunct faculty member at the college; review the 教学大纲 to determine if the course meets the department guidelines and if necessary, request course revisions to meet the college's department/course standards; notify the EEP as to the approval or denial of the teacher and the course.

    EEP办公室将通知课程教师和现场协调员(OSC)批准或拒绝教师和/或课程. 一旦被EEP录取,高中教师将被指定为EEP讲师. EEP将向服务中心和任课教师提供在EEP中实施课程所需的任何相关信息.

    If more than three years have elapsed since teaching in the EEP, 这位教师必须重新申请参加这个项目. 请求复职, 更新材料(简历), 教学大纲, transcripts if applicable) must be submitted to the EEP Office.


    • 按照与RIC教师联络员达成的协议,使用经批准的教学大纲,教授指定的EEP课程.
    • 每年向EEP办公室提交一份最新的教学大纲,并根据需要更新和提交当前的教学大纲.
    • Maintain communication with the high school on-site coordinator (OSC).
    • Notify the OSC of the number of sections of each EEP class/section you are teaching​.
    • Be accessible for at least one yearly liaison visit per EEP course (not section).
    • 而实习教师可能会观察EEP课程, they are not allowed to teach in any EEP classes because they do not meet the requirements of being an EEP instructor.
    • All communications from an EEP instructor to the RIC/EEP Office should be copied to the school’s on-site coordinator.

    NOTE: While EEP 课程 are transcripted as Rhode Island College credits, grading and other academic standards for the 课程 (such as academic honesty, 抄袭的处罚, etc.) are determined by the individual EEP instructors and their respective high schools. EEP instructors must submit letter grades for EEP classes that conform to the grades offered at Rhode Island College (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+ D, D-, F).

    A grade of "W" may only be submitted under the following conditions:

    1. 该学生不再注册EEP课程(并且不会获得高中学分)
    2. The student has moved and is no longer attending the high school
    3. 情有可原的情况(如长期缺勤/生病)应报告给EEP办公室进行审查,并可能批准W. Students may not be awarded a W after the class has ended.


    下次老师 receive a stipend for teaching EEP 课程. A W-9 form must be submitted along with the grade sheets at the end of each year.

    Instructors are also eligible for a campus ID card which allows the user access and/or admittance to a number of services and activities on campus. 这些活动包括使用RIC亚当斯图书馆及其在线服务,以及在esball官方网举行的许多表演和活动的折扣.

    需要注意的是,EEP讲师既不是esball官方网的永久雇员,也不是合同雇员,而是按年分配的EEP讲师. 一旦新的课程/教师被批准, “审查期”将开始,允许RIC学院联络人自由审查课程内容和/或讲师. This review period will be in place for the first year only. Instructor appointments are subject to non-renewal at any time at the discretion of the RIC faculty liaison with the approval of the EEP Office.


    Each participating high school has a designated On-Site Coordinator who serves as the administrator of the EEP program at his/her high school. 这个人负责监督EEP的一般运作,包括注册和评分过程, 费用援助, 奖学金候选人的选择, etc. The on-site coordinator may be a teacher (including EEP instructor), 学校辅导员, administrator or member of the administrative staff.


    The OSC's responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

    • Serve as an advisor to the students and to the EEP instructors at the school.
    • Ensure that all EEP instructors meet the requirements of the EEP so that only qualified instructors teach EEP classes.
    • Promote the EEP by introducing new classes into the program and relating the benefits of the EEP to high school students, 父母, 学校辅导员, 管理员, 以及其他相关方.
    • Communicate information between the EEP office and EEP instructors in a prompt manner.
    • 在EEP秋季和/或春季注册之前,确认该学期或学年将在EEP中运行的教师和课程.
    • Coordinate all the materials of any high school teacher who applies to become an EEP instructor (to be sent electronically to the EEP Office).
    • ​Meet EEP Office deadlines for student registrations, verification of class rosters and submission of grades.


    现场协调员 receive a stipend for their work with the EEP. A W-9 form must be submitted along with the grade sheets at the end of each year.

    现场协调员 are also eligible for a campus ID card which allows the user access and/or admittance to a number of services and activities on campus. 这些活动包括使用RIC亚当斯图书馆及其在线服务,以及在esball官方网举行的许多表演和活动的折扣.

    请注意,现场协调员既不是esball官方网的永久雇员,也不是合同雇员,而是按年分配的EEP促进者. On–site coordinator appointments are subject to non-renewal at any time at the discretion of the EEP/RIC staff



    提供EEP课程的每个学术部门必须指定一名或多名教员联络人,他们将作为EEP工作人员和高中EEP讲师的主要联系人. 联络员通过审查课程和教师以确保被EEP录取,在保持项目的学术质量和严谨性方面发挥着重要作用.  NEASC requires that teachers approved for concurrent enrollment programs (i.e., EEP) meet the standards for adjunct faculty in the department.

    An academic department may require any approved EEP Instructor to use the department's 教学大纲 for the course.

    除了, any liaison who cannot continue his/her responsibilities for any reason (retirement, load, 休假, etc.) should notify the EEP office and department chair.  办公室工作人员将联系主席要求更换,无论是临时的还是永久的.


    • 审查简历, 由EEP办公室转发给您的未来EEP讲师的本科和研究生成绩单,以确定他们是否具有RIC部门设定的资格.
    • 评估高中课程大纲,以确定课程是否符合同等罗德岛大学课程的标准.  联络人可要求高中教师调整课程内容、教学大纲等., for the course to be accepted into the program.  院系可能会要求EEP讲师使用院系的教学大纲来提供EEP课程
    • Inform the EEP Office about the acceptance or denial of the teacher and the course (with an explanation for any denials). The EEP Office will then notify the high school's On-Site Coordinator and the teacher.
    • 如果任何课程似乎偏离了最初批准的标准,请立即通知EEP办公室.  NOTE:  Student teachers may not provide instruction in any EEP course. 

    EEP办公室不要求也不推荐任何特定类型的访问、讨论或评估.  It is recommended that the RIC Faculty Liaison and the EEP Instructor mutually determine in what way the visitation would be beneficial to both parties. 联络员应安排对每位EEP教师的年度访问(每位教师一次访问,而不是分组)。. .  Visits may occur in the fall or spring semester. This visitation is required by the EEP Office in accordance with the standards of National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). Please notify the EEP Office immediately of any difficulty in scheduling a visit.

    因为一个教员联络员可能很难覆盖提供系里课程的学校和教师的数量, additional faculty (including adjuncts) may be added to assist with visits, although the department will still have one designated liaison. Names of any additional faculty assisting with visits should be sent to the EEP office.

    联络员在每学期结束时提交一份报告,确定访问过的EEP教师, 验证持续遵守批准的课程标准,并对每次访问进行简要的一般描述或解释.


    RIC faculty liaisons will receive an annual stipend for their responsibilities related to the review of high school 课程 and teachers seeking acceptance into the EEP.

    除了, 教师联络员(和任何其他指定的教师访问)获得教师访问津贴(每个EEP讲师), EEP course-not section) for which they are assigned.  Stipends are calculated instructor on teacher visits per (described under 学院联络职责). RIC faculty liaisons (and any other designated faculty making visits)

    待支付, 所有联络员/教员必须填写并向EEP提交EEP联络员付款/访问表,以记录他们的访问. A  W-9 form must be submitted along with the grade sheets on or before June 30 each year.



    • 提供一份准确的高中名单, 课程, teachers with their email addresses and the number of students in each course for the purpose of school visitations.
    • Forward electronic copies of updated EEP course syllabi.
    • 每学期发送EEP电子通讯.
    • Provide all documents necessary for the EEP instructor approval process.
    • Address any issues experienced by faculty liaisons.
    • Distribute stipends promptly for all duties performed.




    High school students may also take 双录取 课程 at RIC. These 课程 are part of the college's regular schedule and are taught by RIC faculty.





    高中与esball官方网建立合作关系,确定并提供特定的EEP学分课程. These 课程 are the equivalent to corresponding 课程 offered at RIC. Rhode Island College professors have rigorous standards to approve high school teachers as 下次老师.. Once the course 教学大纲 has been examined and approved, each course is given the name and number of its corresponding RIC course. 注册EEP课程的学生通过为他们注册的每门课程支付大幅减少的学费,与esball官方网建立了合作关系.  准备国际扶轮是雷蒙多总监的一项倡议,为就读国际扶轮公立高中的学生提供EEP课程的免费学费.

    When students successfully complete an EEP course, their grade appears on their high school transcript and on an official RIC transcript. They may carry over the credits when they enroll at RIC, 或者他们可以将这些学分转到接受RIC学分的学院或大学.


    大学学分的授予不依赖于课程结束时的标准化考试, but rather on the student's performance throughout the class and the grade he/she earns. 这就是所谓的“真实评估”." Some high schools even offer a combined EEP/AP (Advanced Placement) class, thereby offering the opportunity to earn college credit either through authentic assessment or standardized testing.


    NACEP, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, of which Rhode Island College is a charter member, provides guidelines and standards to which concurrent enrollment programs must adhere to maintain membership. 遵守这些标准保持了EEP等项目的可信度和卓越性,并将确保其学生的学分转移到美国的许多学院和大学.




    除了在他们自己的支持性高中环境中为高中生提供严格的高等教育学术挑战之外, EEP为您提供了这样的机会

    • Focus learning on critical thinking and writing skills
    • 获得大学学分是基于课程的成绩,而不是标准化考试的分数
    • 在大学里抢占先机


    截至2015年秋季, 雷蒙多总监的“准备国际扶轮双重注册基金”将提供资金给每位符合资格的学生(就读国际扶轮公立高中的学生),让他们免费修习大学课程,作为他们高中必修课程的一部分. 尽管资金仍在继续, EEP课程是免费的, but students must still formally register for their EEP 课程. 有兴趣注册EEP学分的学生需要至少有3的高中GPA.0 or the permission of their teacher and/or 学校辅导员. 如下表所示, 就读私立或非州立高中的学生为他们注册的每门课程支付的费用大大减少.

    Because a number of participating high schools offer multiple EEP 课程, 学生可以通过提前入学计划获得整整一年的大学学分,并减少大学费用.

    For RI and MA students not covered by Prepare RI funding, the cost (2021-2022) for EEP classes is $65 per credit. College 课程 are typically three or four credits.

    The table below shows the savings if a student took English 113 as an EEP course instead of taking the course on campus (*based on 2021-2022 RIC tuition):

    2017年秋季 113继续 engl113在校园里 储蓄
    国际扶轮的居民 $260 $2196 $1936
    马塞诸塞附近居民 $260 $2928 $2668

    Imagine the savings if more than one EEP course is taken while still in high school. Some students have saved as much as a year's college tuition.


    注册EEP课程后, students will be eligible to receive a RIC Campus Card (student ID), which may be used at Adams 图书馆 to access the library's extensive online services, and for many entertainment events sponsored by the college. 参加这些活动的费用与全日制学生的费用相同. 除了, 参加过EEP课程并计划参加esball官方网的毕业生可能会被考虑获得年度EEP奖学金.



    Taking an EEP course in high school offers an exciting opportunity for you!  学生们已经获得了整整一个学期的大学学分(甚至是一整年的学分)!在他们高中毕业之前.  This saves you time and tuition dollars – and may even spark an interest in what might become your college major.  主要为青少年和老年人设计, 学生的平均成绩必须达到“B”或以上才能获得EEP学分(或获得学校辅导员或老师的批准)。.

    One or more classes at your high school have been designated as EEP 课程. Teachers of those classes have been approved by faculty at Rhode Island College to be designated as 下次老师.  This means the teacher will be using a college-level course 教学大纲 approved by a Rhode Island College faculty member. 

    所有上这门课的学生都将被要求达到同样高的学术标准和课程的严格性.  This means all the students in the class will be doing college-level work whether or not they formally register to earn college credit through EEP.

    If you want to earn college credit through the EEP, you must follow the EEP registration process (how and when to register). If you register to earn college credit (see section on 登记), 你在这门课上获得的分数将会显示在你的高中成绩单和罗德岛大学的官方成绩单上. 

    大学学分的授予不依赖于课程结束时的标准化考试, but rather on the student's performance throughout the class and the grade he/she earns. 这就是所谓的“真实评估”." Some high schools even offer a combined EEP/AP (Advanced Placement) class, thereby offering the opportunity to earn college credit either through authentic assessment or standardized testing.

    重要的是,参加EEP学分课程的学生知道他们“拥有”他们获得的任何分数.  And whether you choose to attend Rhode Island College or any other college or university, college grades and credits will follow you wherever you go.

    Each participating high school also has a designated on-site coordinator who serves as the administrator of the EEP program at his/her high school. This person oversees the general operation of the EEP from the high school side, which includes registration and grading processes, 费用援助, etc.  If you have any questions about EEP offerings at your high school, use this link for a list of high school on-site coordinators: 


    参与EEP的高中承担着维护信誉的责任, EEP课程的完整性和质量.  If, 在EEP课程开始后, it is determined that the course does not comply with the EEP and/or corresponding RIC academic department standards, students will be withdrawn from the course and their course fee (for those required to pay) will be refunded.


    EEP 课程 may not be added after the stated registration deadline. There are no retroactive withdrawals from any course once the course has been completed.


    • The student has also dropped the high school course
    • The student has moved to a different school district
    • In the case of a medical emergency requiring extensive absence from class (handled on a case-by-case basis)


    Students attending a Rhode Island public high school

    总监准备国际扶轮基金为每位符合资格的学生(就读罗德岛公立高中的学生)提供资金,让学生免费参加大学课程,作为其高中必修课程的一部分.  EEP课程是免费的 (depending on continuing funding), but students must still formally register for their EEP 课程.  然而, it is very important to remember that while free, 学生仍然“拥有”他们获得的分数. The grade will appear on an official RIC transcript.

    For Students Not Attending a RI Public High School

    硕士学生和那些参加国际扶轮私立高中的学生为他们所参加的每门EEP课程支付的费用大大减少.  每门EEP课程的费用为每学分65美元.  College 课程 are typically three or four credits.  注:费用可能会有所变化.  50% EEP financial assistance may be granted to students on free/reduced lunch who are eligible for an SAT waiver.

    For example, a student taking an EEP English 113 course would pay $260, saving over $1900.  The same course taken on the RIC campus would cost $2196.  MA residents would pay $2928 for the same course on campus, saving over $2600 by taking an EEP course in their high school.


    EEP students are entitled to a Rhode Island College ID at no charge which may be obtained through the Campus Card Office located in the Student Union, 204房间.   Identification such as a driver's license or Social Security card must be presented.  We advise calling the Campus Card Office at 401-456-8394 for hours of operation.  RIC IDs will become available once students are registered in their EEP classes.

    RIC ID允许用户访问和/或进入校园内的许多服务和活动. 这些活动包括使用RIC亚当斯图书馆及其在线服务,以及在esball官方网举行的许多表演和活动的折扣. Having a college ID may also entitle students to discounts for other retail purchases off campus (such as laptops, 平板电脑, etc.).


    When students complete an EEP course for which they formally registered, 他们的成绩将显示在他们的高中成绩单和官方罗德岛大学成绩单上(两者的成绩相同)。.  Colleges and universities expect students to submit transcripts for all college 课程 taken whether or not the student expects or desires transfer credit. 

    1. Credits and grades are calculated as part of their grade point average (GPA) if they enroll at Rhode Island College.
    2. Credits, 没有成绩, may be transferred to many colleges or universities throughout the United States that accept concurrent enrollment credit. Transfer credit policy differs among colleges and universities.  It is the student's responsibility to check the transferability of credit.  See the Transfer of College Credit section on the EEP webpage for a partial listing of colleges/universities which have accepted RIC EEP credits.
    3. Most colleges will not accept credit for coursework when a student earns a grade below C.  Students should work hard to earn a grade of at least C.  Lower grades may affect a student's offer of admission to college.


    学生必须向他们申请的任何学院提交正式的RIC成绩单,无论他们是否希望或期望转学分(计划参加esball官方网的学生除外)。.esball官方网应该在大学申请中被列为学生将要(或已经)获得大学学分的机构.  This not only enhances the student's application, but is also helpful for advisement purposes if the student attends a college orientation prior to EEP grades being posted.

    学院和大学希望在学生的第一学期开始之前收到正式的成绩单. EEP grades are normally processed and posted on RIC transcripts by July. Transcripts will be sent as soon as they are available. EEP students who choose to attend Rhode Island College need not request a transcript as long as they list the college on their application for admission.

    学生可以在网上索取成绩单 HERE. 确保你有完整的地址(包括办公室或部门),你想把正式成绩单寄到哪里. 


    每年, 提前入学计划向即将就读esball官方网的优秀EEP学生颁发有限数量的奖学金,这些学生已被其高中的现场协调员提名为奖学金候选人.

    在春天, 现场协调员将收到EEP办公室的一封信,其中包括在其学校启动奖学金申请流程所需的所有信息.  The 保留奖学金 are open to all students who have enrolled in at least one EEP course during their tenure at their respective high schools.  每所学校将对奖学金申请人进行自己的审查,并向提前入学计划办公室提交一名申请人.

    The student must attend Rhode Island College for the scholarship to be awarded.  每项奖学金可再续期三年,前提是学生保持3.0 cumulative grade point average at the end of each academic year. 

    奖学金将于5月公布, and letters will be sent to the recipients of the scholarship, 现场协调员, 还有学校校长. 除了, letters announcing the winners will be sent to all on-site coordinators.  


    EEP credits have been awarded specific course credit, elective credit and/or exemption from required 课程 depending on the college or university the student attends. 无论如何申请贷款, it reduces the number of credits the student needs to graduate, 并减轻家庭的经济负担. Colleges and universities may apply the credit in different ways.

    For students who decide to attend Rhode Island College, 所有EEP学分都计入毕业,近90%的课程满足通用教育要求,或计入一个或多个专业或辅修课程. Check the first column below to see how your EEP 课程 are applied at RIC.



    ACCT 201
    Requirement in all majors in the School of Business

    识别, 测量, and reporting of the financial effects of 经济 events on enterprises are examined. 3 cr.

    AFRI 200
    RIC社会 & 行为科学

    This is a transdisciplinary of key issues in life and history of people of African descent and their interaction with other peoples and world cultures. 4 cr.


    Introduction to art-making, art vocabulary, and art history.  学生在工作室环境中工作, 在历史和社会背景下研究艺术的同时,制作和批评作品.  只适用于非艺术专业的学生.  工作室和讲座.
    3 cr.

    RIC Natural Science Gen Ed; 部分专业要求

    Emphasis is on the molecular and cellular nature of living systems. This course is intended for science majors and any student with an interest in science. 4 cr.

    RIC Natural Science Gen Ed; 部分专业要求; pre-requisite:  杂志111年 with a minimum grade of C-

    Emphasis is on organismal and ecological levels of organization. This course is intended for science majors and any student with an interest in science. 4 cr.

    RIC Natural Science Gen Ed; 部分专业要求

    主题包括原子理论, 周期性, 成键, 反应, stiochiometry, 气体定律, 和热化学. Laboratory experiments illustrate these concepts and develop laboratory techniques. 4 cr.

    RIC高级定量 & Scientific Reasoning (AQSR) Gen Ed; 部分专业要求

    Pre-requisite:  化学103 with a minimum grade of C-

    主题包括物质的状态, 解决方案, 动力学, 酸和碱, 平衡理论, 热力学, 和电化学. 4 cr.


    Skills necessary for success in college are developed, 强调组织方法, 学习技巧, 阅读材料的解读. Normally open to freshman and sophomore students only, with consent of instructor.
    4 cr.

    RIC社会 & 行为科学

    本课程培养学生对市场经济和当代经济问题的理解, 比如经济增长和通货膨胀, 失业, 收入分配, 以及政府的角色. 如果学生已经成功完成或目前正在就读经济学214,则不能获得经济学200的学分. 4 cr.

    Requirement in all majors in the School of Business

    Micro经济s is introduced, including such areas
    of decision making as individual demand theory, 成本理论, 生产理论, 以及市场结构. 3 cr.

    Requirement in all majors in the School of Business (except Health Care Administration)

    The U.S. economy as a whole is considered and problems of inflation and recession are explored by examining aggregate demand, 总供给, 国民生产总值和收入, and the influence of money and interest rates on the economy. 3 cr.


    Drama as an art form is studied through the reading, 精选戏剧的观看和分析, 过去和现在. 4 cr.


    This course provides students with a rich experience of literature from a variety of periods and genres, exploring the questions of what literature is and how texts make meaning. 4 cr.


    学生研究他们将在整个金融生活中处理的市场和机构. 主题包括借钱、房地产、银行、保险、投资和退休计划. 3 cr.

    fn 101 

    Students construct a map for their journey of developing a professional educator identity. 学生通过学术和实地经验探索社会正义教育的基本问题. 2 cr. 等级S, U.

    fn 246 

    Students critically examine the purposes of schooling as a tool of oppression or liberation and the sociocultural forces that affect learning. Eighteen hours of clinical practice are required. (原FNED 346) 4 cr.


    法语世界的文化遗产是通过选定的文化读物检查. Grammar and vocabulary are reviewed through a communicative approach. 4 cr.

    符合RIC第二语言要求; 先决条件: Prior completion of either the EEP 113-level course or the 4th year high school language course (with a B+ or better).

    通过选择阅读,文学作为法语世界的反映进行了检查. The development of language skills is continued through a communicative approach. 4 cr.

    HPE 115

    急救基础 & CPR
    Fundamental principles and skills of basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are presented.  Upon satisfactory completion of each unit, appropriate certification is available. 2 cr.

    HPE 201

    预防 & 运动损伤的护理
    Students acquire a basic understanding of sports medicine. 主题包括预防技术, 保护捆扎, 基本的解剖学, 损伤识别, 以及运动损伤的康复. 3 cr.


    Multiple Voices:  The United States in the World
    Students examine the historian’s craft by studying pivotal events highlighting the historical relationship between the United States and the world.  4 cr.


    This course introduces students to historical themes within a particular era or period such as European history, 西方文明, 或者大屠杀. 3 cr.


    U.S. 历史上我
    本课程提供了一个深入的美国历史的研究,直到1877年,通过历史的五个方面:政治, 经济, 宗教, social, 和知识. 3 cr.


    U.S. 历史第二
    This course provides an in-depth study of the history of the United States from 1877 to the present through five strands of history: political, 经济, 宗教, social, 和知识. 3 cr.


    The cultural and linguistic heritage of Italy is examined through selected readings. Grammar is reviewed and basic oral and written skills developed. 4 cr.

    先决条件: Prior completion of either the EEP 113-level course or the 4th year high school language course (with a B+ or better).

    Literature as a reflection of the heritage of the Italian people is examined. 口语和阅读技能的发展得到继续,书面练习得到一些关注. 4 cr.

    LATN 101
    NOTE: Formerly offered for EEP credit several years ago.

    The spirit and culture of the classical Roman world is introduced through study of the grammar and syntax of classical Latin and readings from Latin authors. This course also examines the Roman world's contribution to 西方文明. 4 cr.

    LATN 102

    这是拉丁文101的延续. 4 cr.

    RIC Gen Ed Math; 部分专业要求
    先决条件: 代数II C+或以上

    Descriptive statistics; confidence intervals and hypothesis testing; random variables; estimations and tests of significance; and correlation and regression are studied. 学生不能同时获得两门课程的学分 数学240 and 数学248. 4cr.


    主题包括x射线的历史, the technologist's role on the health care team, 射线照相设备, clinical settings and the various modalities in diagnostic imaging (formerly RADT 201).  1 cr.


    学生将学习在医疗环境中安全实践所需的病人护理技能.  3 cr.


    Business concepts are introduced and the practices of management in both the business sector and non-profit organizations.  Topics focus on all the management disciplines. 3 cr.


    本工作室课程是为没有或很少有电子音乐经验的学生设计的.  Students become familiar with the basic components of the electronic lab and create electronic compositions. 4 cr.


    This course is designed for students interested in live and studio audio production in a computer-based studio. Students cannot receive credit for COMM 220 and 220亩. 4 cr.

    算作选修学分 (formerly MUS 118 3 cr.)

    本课程将探讨声音制作, 记录与传输, 电子音乐作曲与编曲, 现场音频增强, 多轨录音室录音, 编辑, 混音和母版. 本课程将几乎完全以项目为基础,并将处理现实生活中的应用和课程相关的职业道路.  Projects will include creating a multi-track song, 使用EQ创建最终混合, 效果和自动化, and creating the soundtrack for a nature documentary. 3 cr.

    RIC视觉 & 表演艺术及教育

    音乐时代, styles, forms, and basic vocabulary are introduced to the non-music major through music literature.  阅读音乐的能力并不是假定的. 4 cr.

    RIC视觉 & 表演艺术及教育

    Fundamentals of scale construction, intervals,
    音节, clefs, 节奏, 研究形式, with emphasis on musical acuteness through ear training, 看到唱歌, 和用语. 4 cr.

    RIC视觉 & 表演艺术及教育

    从美国流行音乐的历史背景来考察它的发展.  4 cr.

    RIC视觉 & 表演艺术及教育.  在爵士研究中,辅修课程很重要

    爵士风格, 通过音乐文学和声音向非音乐专业的学生介绍形式和基本词汇.  Listening outlines will be created and used to help develop skills.  4 cr.

    RIC社会 & 行为科学;普通教育; 部分专业要求 including Political Science, 司法研究, 公共行政与社会工作

    The institutions and principles of American national 政府 are examined. 主题包括宪法基础, 联邦制, 政党, 国会, 总统, 最高法院和公民权利. 4 cr.

    RIC社会 & 行为科学;普通教育;

    Fundamental concepts and issues of philosophy and political theory are investigated. 关于权威的基本戒律, law, 政府, and the terms of obligation are examined in light of contemporary concerns. 4 cr.


    The cultural and linguistic heritage of the Portuguese-speaking world is examined through selected readings. Grammar is reviewed and basic oral and written skills developed. 4 cr.

    先决条件: Prior completion of either the EEP 113-level course or the 4th year high school language course (with a B+ or better).

    学生培养阅读技巧和文学鉴赏能力,作为葡萄牙语世界遗产的反映.  Development of oral skills continues and attention is given to written practice.  4 cr.

    110年心理学 RIC社会 & 行为科学;普通教育; requirement in several majors

    The field of psychology is surveyed with emphasis on the biological, 认知, 以及影响行为的环境因素. 4 cr.

    SWRK 200

    Students learn about the profession of Social Work, 注重技能, 帮助的伦理和实践的领域, 儿童福利, 少年司法, 老年人服务和精神健康. 4cr.


    The cultural and linguistic heritage of The Spanish-speaking world is examined, while grammar is reviewed and basic oral and written skills are developed. 4 cr.

    符合RIC第二语言要求. 先决条件: Prior completion of either the EEP 113-level course or the 4th year high school language course (with a B+ or better).

    Emphasis is on the development of reading Spanish and on the appreciation of literature as a reflection of the heritage of the Hispanic peoples.  注重书面练习. 4 cr.


    探讨了国际起草语言协议,并将其用于解决正字法和图形表示中的设计问题.  学习内容包括基本的计算机辅助制图.  3 cr.


    本课程是对技能的介绍, 知识, 环境, 还有建筑行业的人.  A laboratory component is required for students to plan, design, and build a structure. 3 cr.


    Once the student completes a high school EEP course, the grade earned becomes part of an official Rhode Island College transcript. Students may use the credits at RIC or transfer them to a large number of colleges and universities across the U.S.

    There are hundreds of public and private 4-year institutions that accept EEP credits. 下面是部分列表. EEP credits have been awarded specific course credit, elective credit and/or exemption from required 课程. 无论如何申请贷款, it reduces the number of credits the student needs to graduate, 并减轻家庭的经济负担. It is standard procedure that transfer credits do not have grade designations, 但被记为已获得的学分. 虽然最低转学成绩通常是“C”,但有些大学会要求“B-”或更高.

    It is the student's responsibility to list EEP credits earned on college applications and to send an official Rhode Island College transcript, to any college or university to which they apply. The college will supply a transcript for those students applying to Rhode Island College. Students may also wish to keep a copy of their EEP course 教学大纲 and samples of their coursework if proof is required of the course's high academic standards.

    Colleges and Universities that have accepted EEP credits:

    • 阿尔伯塔斯马格纳斯学院
    • 阿尔弗雷德大学
    • 美国大学
    • 阿巴拉契亚州立大学
    • 亚利桑那州立大学
    • 假设大学
    • 奥本大学
    • 巴德学院
    • 贝茨学院
    • 伯克利音乐学院
    • 波士顿大学
    • 布里奇沃特州立大学
    • 布莱恩特大学
    • 卡耐基梅隆大学
    • 卡洛尔大学
    • 天主教大学(DC)
    • Cedar Crest学院
    • 中央康涅狄格州立大学
    • 克拉克大学
    • 克拉克森大学
    • Colby-Sawyer大学
    • 查尔斯顿学院
    • 大西洋学院
    • 伍斯特学院
    • 国际扶轮社区学院
    • 康涅狄格大学
    • 康奈尔大学
    • 丹尼尔韦伯斯特学院
    • 特拉华山谷学院
    • 德雷塞尔大学
    • 杜肯大学
    • 东康涅狄格州立大学
    • 榆树大学
    • 伦大学
    • 安柏瑞德航空学院
    • 爱默生学院
    • 伊曼纽尔学院
    • 埃默里大学
    • 恩迪科特大学
    • 费尔利·狄金森大学
    • 佛罗里达海湾海岸大学
    • 南佛罗里达大学
    • 弗雷明汉州立大学
    • 富兰克林 & 马歇尔学院
    • 富兰克林皮尔斯学院
    • 乔治华盛顿大学
    • 佐治亚理工学院
    • 葛底斯堡学院
    • 戈登学院
    • 霍夫斯特拉大学
    • 印第安纳大学布卢明顿分校
    • 伊萨卡学院
    • 约翰逊 & 威尔士大学
    • 约翰逊州立大学
    • 自由大学
    • 洛约拉玛丽蒙特大学
    • 芝加哥洛约拉大学
    • 曼哈顿学院
    • Marymount大学
    • 麻省文理学院
    • 麦吉尔大学(加拿大)
    • 卫理公会大学
    • 迈阿密大学
    • 密歇根州立大学
    • 霍利奥克山学院
    • 新英格兰学院
    • 新英格兰理工学院
    • 东北大学
    • 诺威奇大学
    • 俄亥俄州立大学
    • 俄勒冈州立大学
    • 宾夕法尼亚州立大学
    • 普利茅斯州立大学
    • 昆尼皮亚克大学
    • 雷德福大学
    • 蓝道夫大学
    • 罗德岛设计学院
    • 河大学
    • 罗杰威廉姆斯大学
    • 罗林斯学院
    • 罗格斯大学
    • 圣心大学
    • 索尔里贾纳大学
    • 霍尔
    • 南康涅狄格州立大学
    • 南佛蒙特学院
    • 斯普林菲尔德学院
    • St. 约翰神学院
    • St. 约瑟书院(CT)
    • St. 约瑟书院
    • St. 约瑟书院(ME)
    • St. 约瑟夫学院(纽约)
    • St. 劳伦斯大学
    • St. 马里兰玛丽学院
    • St. 迈克尔的大学
    • 斯坦福大学
    • 萨福克大学
    • 纽约州立大学奥尔巴尼
    • 纽约州立大学宾厄姆顿
    • 纽约州立大学布法罗
    • 纽约州立大学环境林业学院
    • 萨斯奎哈纳大学
    • 锡拉丘兹大学
    • 天普大学
    • 德克萨斯基督教大学
    • 陶森大学
    • 三一学院(CT)
    • 三一学院(VT)
    • 杜兰大学
    • 美国空军学院
    • 美国国际大学
    • 美国海军学院
    • 亚利桑那大学
    • 布里奇波特大学
    • 加州大学伯克利分校
    • 加州大学洛杉矶分校
    • 加州大学圣巴巴拉分校
    • 康涅狄格大学**
    • 特拉华大学
    • 哈特福德大学
    • 堪萨斯大学
    • 肯塔基大学
    • 缅因大学
    • 马里兰大学
    • 马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校
    • 麻省大学波士顿分校
    • 马萨诸塞大学达特茅斯分校
    • 麻省大学洛厄尔分校
    • 迈阿密大学
    • 密歇根大学
    • 明尼苏达大学
    • 密苏里大学
    • 蒙大拿大学
    • 新英格兰大学
    • 新罕布什尔大学
    • 纽黑文大学
    • 俄克拉荷马大学
    • 太平洋大学
    • 罗德岛大学
    • 里士满大学
    • 罗切斯特大学
    • 南卡莱罗纳大学
    • 坦帕大学
    • 德克萨斯大学达拉斯分校
    • 佛蒙特大学
    • 弗吉尼亚大学
    • 华盛顿大学
    • 威斯康星大学
    • Ursinus大学
    • 弗吉尼亚理工学院
    • 沃巴什大学
    • 瓦格纳学院
    • 维克森林大学
    • 温特沃斯学院
    • 韦斯特菲尔德州立大学
    • 西康涅狄格州立大学
    • 西弗吉尼亚大学
    • 惠蒂尔学院
    • 伍斯特州立大学


    • 波士顿学院
    • 达特茅斯学院
    • 费尔菲尔德大学
    • 麻省理工学院
    • 普渡大学
    • 里吉斯学院(硕士)
    • 里吉斯大学(CO)
    • 伦斯勒理工学院
    • 康涅狄格大学**
    • 惠洛克学院
    • 伍斯特理工学院





    Dr. 冬青L. Shadoian